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(1983 color 16mm film 25min)

Featuring Cynthia Moore and large cast

A mixture of lyrical, comic and disturbing symbolic imagery illuminates this dreamlike narrative of a woman painter's transformation. Beginning on a battlefield where her enemy is a blank canvas, the painter's internal struggle is portrayed by: an art critic with a baby protruding from his helmet, a P.O.W. camp with prisoners blinded by maps, torturers who whip paintings and a tribe of surgically gowned young girls roaming the countryside with hedge clippers. After giving up on treating art as a battle she throws off her helmet of defensiveness and tries contemplating abstract forms only to become enmeshed in an identity struggle with an adolescent girl holding a burning bouquet of flowers. The film can be seen as a comparison between defensiveness and vulnerability. Script, direction, editing, music by Steve Mobia for Screen Door Productions. Soon to be available on DVD.