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"Behind The Bellows" is Steve Mobia's comprehensive sixty-minute squeezebox documentary which chronicles the accordion’s variety, history and it's effect on popular culture. Includes interviews with accordion legends such as Anthony Gall-Rini, Guy Klucevsek, and Dick Contino, and ventures through concertinas, button boxes as well as a presentation of MIDI accordions. See historic clips of Guido Deiro, Art Van Damme, Lawrence Welk and Frankie Yankovic. Discover why "Lady of Spain" is associated with the accordion. And listen to where the accordion might be headed in the future.

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At the various public screenings, I provided clip boards for comments and suggestions. Here are some remarks:

"I'm a bit of a documentary aficionado; I've seen lotsa docs -- yours is a 1st class example of doc-making. The way you put together the talking heads, archival footage and photos with perfect rhythm and clarity, your little jokes, your "special effects" and your framing sequence (very touching) -- everything was extremely well done — Dixon Wragg

"Excellent! The history, visual value, music and coverage of the technical elements of manufacturing an accordion are superb." — G. Mott

"Great start, great topic, great footage and info." — Ben Paulos

The DVD release contains many "extras" such as longer interviews with several of the participants (Contino, Piatanesi, Carrozza, Klucevsek, Van Damme, Marocco, Nunzio and others).

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— Steve Mobia