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This recording was put together from both the "official" soundtrack cassette album (which left out quite a bit of the music) and a live recording of the show. Produced by George Coates Performance Works for 1990-1991, this multi-media spectacle occupied a previously abandoned cathedral in San Francisco with a 60 foot high vaulted ceiling. The unique space became the home for many Coates productions throughout the 1990s. In addition to Marc Ream's eclectic score and Coates' lyrics, there are original songs from Zulu Spear and folk music from South Africa and Bulgaria.

Performers on recording:

ZULU SPEAR — (South African chorus) Gideon Bandile, Babtunde Garaya, Matthew Lacques, Jerome Leonard, Sechaba Mokoena, Matome Somo, Dumile Vokwana

SAVINA — (Eastern European chorus) Susan Volkan, Sunita Vatuk, Janeen Wyatt

THE SAN FRANCISCO CHAMBER SINGERS — Robin Hale, Sue Bohlin, Loretta Janca, Christine Callan, Cheryl Keller, Peter Stein, Tim Walker

ZULU SPEAR MUSICIANS - Panjoe Amissah (Bass), Matthew Lacques (Guitars, Mandolin), Ron van Leeuwaarde (Guitars)

TENOR — Aurelio Viscarra

BOY SOPRANO (pilot) - Grael Norton, John Wheeler-Rappe

Additional lyrics & music by Sechaba Mokoena

Additional vocal arrangements by Sue Bohlin

Soundtrack recording engineered by Tom Mallon

Live recording by Troy Gimbal

Producers: Troy Gimbal, Eric Bernhard

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