Laughing Squid : A great resource for the odd and unusual events going on in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Burning Man Project : The official site for the annual desert event.

The Association for the Study of Dreams : An international congress of dream enthusiasts who research dreams from every angle.

American Mavericks : A radio series on contemporary concert music of the most unconventional form. Though I disagree with the America vs. Europe dichotomy, there is much useful and informative information in the show.

Movie Review Query Engine : Find out what the critics are saying about many movies. Doesn't include many older, foreign and underground films however.

The Classical Free Reed : A great resource for serious accordion lovers. Focus is on accordions and other free reed instruments being used in classical and new music settings.

Antero and Sylvi Alli : Two fascinating and highly creative people who have a website chock-full of essays, explorations and insights. I worked on Antero Alli's video-film project "Orphans of Delirium."

Dream Photographs : Jerry N. Uelsmann is my vote for the world's greatest photographer. I've loved his work since high school.

Wikipedia: Join the orgy of knowledge. Add your own details!